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Matricentric Energy Healing + Matrescence Coaching

Are you ready to finally (and completely) own your true power?

Perhaps you are struggling to shine your own light among the demands of motherhood, or maybe your inner mean mama is just not giving you a break?

Has the transition to motherhood upended your sense of self, and you’re left feeling like you’re stumbling around in the dark, looking for the ‘on’ switch to your former self?

Spoiler: there’s a new, brighter, bolder, utterly more powerful version of her blossoming in the wings. Are you ready to meet her?

Scroll this way, mama.

What is matrescence?

Matrescence is the developmental transition that occurs from woman to mother.

It is an acknowledgement of the radical identity shift and the physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural changes we undergo as we cross the realm into motherhood.

When this process is honoured, nurtured and supported, mothers can emerge feeling seen, heard, wholly centred and radically empowered.

Come, let’s join hands so you can embrace your matrescence and claim your divine power, mama…

Hi there, I’m Allison

Advanced pranic healer, accredited Mama Rising facilitator and family support worker.

I’m also a mum to two gorgeous girls and an advocate for a mother-centred approach to parenting.

My commitment to healing the mother first is underpinned by profound professional and personal experience – both in my role as a family support worker, where I saw the need for this approach highlighted over and over again; and at home, where I, like many mothers, experienced severe burnout trying to do just the opposite.

Today, my mission is supporting mums to replace self-silencing with a true connection with their inner emotional world. I practise matricentic energy healing (also known as pranic healing) and matrescence coaching to heart-centred women, just like you.

The amazing flow-on effect of this work is that by mastering our emotions, we also master our energy and vibration, which allows us to attract our highest potential and true life path.

I would be honoured to walk beside you on your own matrescence journey.

My Services

“When mothers are well, families can be well. And if families are well, society has a much better chance of being well.”
– Dr. Oscar Serralach

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a non-touch modality that repairs the energy field and balances the chakras. These energy vortices are known to power the body, mind and emotions, yet over time they can become contaminated and damaged, which can lead to disease or imbalances. Pranic Healing has been validated with 20+ years of global research as a mode of improving physical, mental and emotional health.

Matrescence Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions delivered in a bespoke formula according to your personal needs and goals. I will support you through a unique combination of modalities including positive psychology, the ‘Mama Rising’ formula, intuitive guidance, energy work, meditation and compassion focused therapy.

The Whole Package

By combining a coaching session and Pranic Healing, we will more accurately release what’s no longer needed and bless specific goals to flow in with more ease.

Lets connect

I would be honoured to have you join my inner circle.

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When we become mothers, it’s so important to nurture our own village (whatever that looks like). Join my community of likeminded mothers and let’s walk this path together. Send a message below, or connect on instagram @_alison.kate

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